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Win One of the Worlds Smallest Climbing Gyms

Join the news letter for a chance to win the paddle boards created in this video. The giveaway will end 3/26/2020 so sign up now.
The Worlds Smallest Climbing Gym

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This May Be the End of The Pine Pinch Block

Well, the Pine Pinch Block has been well received. However, the amount of work involved in making them and the profit margins don't really add up. To add to it the last batch I made splintered like an old ship getting hit with a cannon ball.
Fear not, I will be making some other Pinch Blocks soon that will be a little better that these guys anyways.

Do you want to wait for the new blocks (1-2 months) or should I fill these splintered blocks and send them out?


This life is full of adventure, setbacks, happiness, sadness and everything in between. We all can have an effect on each but how?


This is a question I've been asking myself a lot lately. I KNOW that I want to make this world a better place for everyone and I believe by focusing on Inovation, Education, and Creation from my purspective I can make that happen. The Climber Dad channel on YouTube will be all about that, and of course fun, we need to have some fun along the way.