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Searching for advise on creating your own climbing products or navigating the crazy world of climbing can be hard to do. That's the purpose of Climber Dad, to help with that. Please support me by donating below, even $1 will help me in creating more content.

Thank You from the Climber Dad Family


  1. Just purchased the plans and the materials should be with me this week.
    Thank you for putting them out there, I was going down a different path originally and your version sure makes more sense.

    A question though, i had watched the video on texturing volumes, could you apply this same technique to the entire wall?

  2. Hi, completed the wall yesterday, great design and has saved my climbing daughter's mental health... would've shared my efforts with you, but no photo posting on the comments. Let me know if you want to collect a picture of your international impact on the climbing world.

    1. Glad to hear it. I would love to see a picture of your wall.


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