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Sometime in mid August 2020 the PayPal links unexpectedly stopped working. Please visit my new site at Climber Dad if you are having this issue. Thank You.

Items for Sale

Pre-Order Jeremiah 4:29 T-Shirt
100% Cotton, Dirt Orange color with a purple or Red print.
Free Shipping for Continental United States.


Get you Dyno-Soar T-Shirt
100% Cotton, Dark Heather color and Orange print.
Free Shipping for Continental United States.

Above: Front Design. Small Clarksville Climbing Logo on back



Climbing Holds- Logo Hold and full set of the Deception Crimps
(Temperately Unavailable)

  Support the channel by purchasing these sweet holds for your home wall. Includes the juggy logo hold and all 8 Deception crimps designed for training.
Some of the holds in this set. Random Colors



Pinch Block


Climbing Wall Paddle Boards (Temperately Unavailable)

I call this the Worlds Smallest Climbing Gym. It can travel with you be suspended to hang from or weighted to pull with. Click HERE to learn how to make your own or check out the options below to have a set made for you.


How To Make a Lean-to Systems Board
11 page document with pictures bringing you all the way through the build process. Includes a materials list and a cut list to make it a little more simple. This Version is in SAE measurements.

Update 3/28/2020: After you complete this transaction, click on return to Merchant and it will take you to the link where you can download the plans.

Warning: I am not a structural engineer. These build plans have not been signed off on or looked at by a structural engineer. I have built many different climbing walls and take responsibility for only the walls I build and operate. This document is presented as a concept and the end user must be responsible for their own safety. 


3 Page Spread Sheet I used to start Clarksville Climbing
Click Here for a sample sheet: Start-up Costs Worksheet



  1. Also unable to reach download link after payment

  2. Hi! I've had the same issue as others. Clicked return to merchant but didn't get to the actual plans.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Have you Received link? How long was it before I sent the "just in case" email to you?

  3. When are you going to sell the pinch blocks again?

    1. The Pine pinch blocks have met their doom :(
      I have a pinch block I can mold and cast like a climbing hold. Would that be better?

  4. I received the plans, very simple, very easy and very straight forward. Thank you for putting this out there. Best $1 i have ever spent, especially as it allowed me to have a single list for everything I needed, and allowed me to control costs.
    I have Modified the lean to into a fixed wall but it sure was alot easier to modify, and the nice thing, if I want to return it back to the original, all I need to do is unbolt the structure from the ceiling and put the leg supports back on.
    I did use 2X8's for the frame and 5 Heavy Duty Hinges. Worked great and sure was easy to lift up into place to allow me to connect the extra support structure that I put in. I did add some extra support wood in the kick plate to make it easier to bolt the unit to the back wall of my garage. Again great plans, my roof had a clearance of 9ft 3" and at a 45 degree wall I had enough space above the frame to run 2x6 sleepers along the rafters. It was a fluke but sure worked out well and made it so incredibly rigid and strong. It may be overkill but I default to excessive safety.
    Thank you

  5. I did not get any plans that I paid for

  6. I guess I'm one of the many who haven't gotten a link to the plans. Any answers on how I will get those?

    1. Sorry about that. I have been emailing everyone I see the receipt for separately just in case you missed the link. I have no idea why it doesn't work sometimes. I've tested the link using several different accounts and haven't seen it not work. Email me at if you still haven't received it.

  7. Just wondering when I'll receive the plans for the wall plans after buying? Haven't recieved any emails other than my PayPal receipt.

  8. Awesome plan, do you know if anyone has had success making the main wall taller to accommodate a moonboard?

  9. Hi! I am trying to but the plans but it takes me to a "page does not exist". Do you have a live URL so I can purchase? Thanks!

  10. Hi, I have also purchased the plans and have yet to receive them or an email to a link for them. Can you send them to the email listed from the purchase?


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